ISO 9001:2008 standard



Quality Management Policy in „CMC Controlmaitc Commerce“ Ltd. Company is an integral part of business policies based on achieving and maintaining quality of products and services and the basis on which „CMC Controlmatic Commerce“ Ltd. is developing its business success and future activities.

The goals of our work activities are based on the following:
. To satisfy demands and meet customer’s expectations;
. To meet the highest standards pertaining to our products and services;
. Striving to obtain and maintain permanent presence among the leaders in the domestic market;
. To support and stimulate creativity of employees, their iniciatives and responsibility for quality;
. Implementation of education, training and motivation.

With the highest level of pofessionalism in the performance of their tasks all employees in the organization give their contribution to achieve these goals.
Quality management system - ISO 9001:2008 enables us to do our jobs well, always and everywhere.


Herceg Novi, September 2, 2011