CmC Controlmatic Commmerce d.o.o. Company Herceg Novi was founded in 1989 and since then its activity in many segments is mostly related to water as a medium. The company works within the CmC Ekocon Group  which has companies in all ex YU republics, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria.

The field of activity and internal organization of CmC Controlmatic Commerce d.o.o. Herceg Novi are determined by the aim to meet the requirements of its customers, and to realize their demand in the best possible professional manner.
A list of our references clearly shows our capabilities and experience to respond well to our customer’s needs and also recommend us as a leader in this field  in our region.

CmC Controlmatic Commerce d.o.o. Company Herceg Novi has long-term experience in the field of design and construction of pipelines, sewer collectors and pumping stations for potable and wastewaters.

Our firm is also engaged in the water conditioning processes of potable water, swimming pool water and wastewaters with a special accent on disinfection. Besides mentioned activities our basic activity is designing and construction of measurement and regulation systems, as well as management systems for technological processes. Water meter installations, thermal energy meter installation and servicing of water meters followed by a complete work process as a preparation for the certification of accuracy occupy an important part in our business activities.

All our jobs are carried out in the engineering structure, followed by a good organization of services for maintenance of equipment in the warranty period and after warranty expiration. Finally, we can say our field of activity is rounded up by the activities related to trade representation and trade.

The CmC Controlmatic Commerce d.o.o. Herceg Novi Company is strongly supported by its skilled staff, it has its own construction machines and equipment, as well as its own tools and equipment for mechanic and electro works. We are proud of our good business results in the  past years, accomplished development plans and provided conditions for further development.